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Weapon Information/Basics

How The Weapon System Works

In WolfTeam there are 3 classes of weapons, Primary, Secondary, and Special.  By default you have 1 of each in your inventory that you will have forever. Besides your defaults, the weapons in wolfteam are not permanent.  You can buy each weapon for a limited duration that ranges from 1 day to 90 days.

Primary weapons are your main guns such as machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, etc.  Secondary weapons are your sidearms such as a handgun.  Special weapons are your grenades, smoke grenades, etc.  There is a wide assortment of weapons to choose from in each category.  Purchasing weapons requires Gold. You will need to use your gold sparingly because you don't have a ton of it and unlike in other games the guns you buy are not permanent.  They will expire and you will have to buy new ones.  When you first start don't worry about buying guns right away, practice with your defaults for a little while and you will soon enough start getting some gifts from softnyx, gold, guns.  Try them out and see how they work, if you really want to test out the weapons I recommend making a new account and trying them out if your not sure if you want to purchase long term.


Upgrades are pretty straightforward, many of the guns can be upgraded to have more power or preform better but once again, watch your gold or use a spare account to tryout these guns and their upgrades.

The Wolf

In WolfTeam, the usual melee weapon in most FPS's has been replaced by the ability to transform into a wolf.  The wolf is very powerful and is used best in closer range combat but is also good all around.  It has a higher defense than humans and also has bonus HP or as I will call it "shield".  The shield is replenishable by pressing the "R" button you will "Howl" and it fills back up.  It decreases consistently though so you will have to use the howl often. When you start, try and get used to transforming from wolf to human and doing so in battle.  As you get more familiar with the game and the controls you will realize that the wolf is a very powerful asset and can move much more quickly and faster than humans.  It also has the ability to crawl along the walls and jump from wall to wall.  Some wolf types even have the ability to hang on walls allowing you to surprise your opponent.