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Secondary Weapons


Due to great recoil control, Security members belonging to G.D. prefer to use.
Though magazine is expanded to 28 ammo, G.D. mainly use GLOCK-21's 13 ammo arm as an assistant arm.
In WT, it is reguarded as G.D. spec that accuracy is a little bit improved.

It is manufactured by EMI Israel.
Coming in .377, .44 Magnum, 50 AE.
It has high preformance but also considerable recoil so skill control is needed.
However, it seems it is less burdensome tp Pride members who have intesified organism.
Though it has strong hunting power, it has been provided to only a small portion of Pride members due to its handling issue.

This is a great .45 caliber pistol with strobg physical hold-back since the begininng of the 21st century.
This pistol requires skill control due to its serious recoil but one of its biggest advantages is its strong destructive firing.

This gun is provided to more than 65% of American Law Enforcement Executive and police commities.
The frame made of polymer material with high degree of solidity, absorbs its recoil and enables massive production.
Such material and stable structure give trustworthiness.
GLOC-17 using 9mm ammo has been supplied and used and only the qualified ones get used for the stable and high accuracy in Pride.
PI-226 R

This pistol is selected by US Navy Seal and other special forces include secret organizations.
Pride customized this model with G.D. Corporation MK.2 LAM (Laser aiming Module) and upgrade power with control 40S&W bullets for its own.

It is manufactured based on design of a pistol SOKOM MK-23 which is polymer framed model with a stable structure and preformance.
Pride members often use 40S&W good in power and recoil control.
Personally used as often as EM-92FS or GLOC-17 since the gun control towards Pride members is not too strict.
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