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Special Weapons


Invented by Ivan Petronovici, Scientist of Russia.
He developed this throwing type sub weapon with properties of mass planodume, that have reaction for regular quantity.
It is generally used in various ways such as sport competition and also both military or police.
Mass Grenade proved and applicated to defense definetely for high jumping and strike power of wolves.
Beginning of 21st century several countries selected this grenade because it have stability for soldiers compare to previous models.
It is easy for transportation and application so, several countries decide as main grenade, including "P" and "G.D CO.,LTD".
It has little difference for calling but "P" called this grenade as "MK-5 WT".

Due to unexpected comercial success of Mass planodium that Dr. Ivan Patronovici of Russia discovered in the late 20th century, the new substance Attractive Forcerium of Dr. Karl Pone Johannes from Germany is bornwith a contrary propensity.  It also in opposition in operation so considered effective for breaking strategic system of wolves which pursue hit-and-run battle style using their great jumping ability.

This is a canister-type grenade that releases smoke in order to mask movement or location of military units.
G.D. is currently developing new smoke grenades appropriate to battles of intesified human beings like Wolf.
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